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These are the TechPB BST Rules which have been approved of for use on the BST by TechPB staff. These rules are in place to help ensure that this continues to be the safest BST in all of paintball. Please follow these rules and only deal with users following these rules to assure that you are conducting the safest business possible. Also please remember that the BST is a place of business and that your actions and statements are taken very seriously here. If you have any issues please report the offending thread or user using the "Report" button in the threads. If you have any questions feel free to PM a BST Moderator or other staff member for assistance. TechPB staff have the right to remove sales threads and/or posts without notice to ensure the safety of our members. It's your responsibility to post correctly the first time, every time.

These rules are subject to change so please pay attention to the stickies in the BST which will inform you of such changes. If you break any of these rules you will be subject to disciplinary actions from TechPB Staff at their own discretion, thank you for your continued support guys we couldn't do this without you.

-TechPB Staff

Rule 1

All ads placed on the BST must have a picture of the product along with a sheet of paper that has your TechPB name, the current date as well as TechPB handwritten on it. The condition of all products must also be accurately described as well as up-to-date. Similarly any trade offers being made in an ad must have pictures conforming to this rule, users may not probe for interest in an offer without providing proper pictures as well.

1.1 - Stating "check my sig" is allowed as long as it leads directly to an ad on TechPB following all of the BST rules.

Rule 2

All ads must follow the BST sales format which is stickied at the top of each BST forum. For example the format for Electronic Markers, all threads must have this type of format. All ads must have an asking price unless posted in The Trade Shack.

Known Problems:
Asking Price:
Shipping Options:
Trades of interest:
Location of item:
What is Included:

2.1 - Do not use ridiculous titles containing all caps, tons of annoying symbols or abnoxious phrases, example.


When "Blue Luxe F/S/T LNIB" will do

The BST is a place of business so let's keep it clean, professional and easy to navigate.

Rule 3

All deals must be conducted through the sales thread posted by the seller/trader. You may not communicate about the deal through PM's, email or any other means of communication. The reason for this being that we want everything done in the open so if there is a problem with the deal TechPB Staffers will be able to see what the stipulations of the deal were and be able to act accordingly. The only exception to the rule being the sending of personal information for shipping.

Rule 4

Ads may only be "bumped" once every 12 hours, we are not restricting the search feature so please refrain from repeated bumps.


Bumps are allowed every 12 hours, replies within the thread will NOT be counted as a bump. For example if you are responding to an offer, discussing a potential deal or thanking someone for a free up this is NOT considered to be a bump. Also discussions of deals aren't considered ups because we would like to encourage all deals to be discussed in public view rather than through PM or other means. However if you are blatantly abusing this in anyway you will be warned, see Rule 14 =)

Rule 5

Do not post a reply to a sales ad criticizing or flaming someone for the price of their listing. Doing this is sabotaging their ad and is needless spam on the BST. If their price is too high the product will not sell and they will likely adjust their prices accordingly.

Rule 6

Users may not request that they be paid via PayPal with the buyer sending under the "Gift" option, buyers also should not offer to pay as a gift. The reason for this being that if a scam were to occur and you contacted PayPal they would do NOTHING to assist you. Also users may not charge PayPal fees to customers.

Rule 7

When making trades with a TechPB Player's Club member you MUST ship first. This only applies to trades and not purchases, if two Player's Club members are trading with each other the member with the least feedback should ship first. This can be waived by the people involved in the deal however.

Rule 8

Sellers are NOT allowed to remove the content of the original sales ad after a transaction has been completed or a deal settled upon. If this content is missing and there is an issue with the deal it leaves staff with no original ad for reference. Once a product is sold please click the "Report" button to have a Moderator close the ad.

Rule 9

Do not conduct off-topic chatter, or small talk in a BST ad. The BST is a place of business and we do not want to see ads cluttered with small talk. On that same point BST deals/soliciting must NOT cross over onto other forums or the chat room, if it does action will be taken by Mods.

Rule 10

Items which are posted on the TechPB BST may not be posted on eBay at the same time or any other similar auction site. These sites require that you commit to the sale of items on their site to their buyers so how can you sell the same product twice? Also do not post links to ads outside of the TechPB BST, we protect our users with our rules and our actions and our protection cannot extend to places outside of TechPB.

Rule 11

Weapons, Lighters, Tobacco/Alcohol products, drug paraphernalia, Airsoft guns or ANY item which can or is intended to cause bodily harm cannot be sold on the TechPB BST. Also any item considered to be illegal to sell such as "knock off" items may not be sold on the BST considering it is probited by Federal Law. This also applies to the inclusion of music or other media in electronic devices that you do not own the rights to. Purchasing music or media grants you license for personal use, not to distribute the media. Gift cards of any kind are also not allowed whether physical or electronic since there is no way to verify it's value. Any product deemed questionable by staff may be removed at anytime.

Rule 12

No auction style sales are to be conducted on TechPB. We expect users to have integrity with their dealings and to honor their word. When a deal is agreed upon by a seller and buyer the deal is to be set as "Pending". What this in turn means is that the item is held in reserve for the buyer until they have paid in a timely fashion agreed upon by both users.

Rule 13

All dealings within the TechPB BST Section are matters of PUBLIC RECORD. This includes IP addresses, personal mailing addresses, telephone & cell phone numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses, work addresses, BST items in question, as well as any PM's, emails, or any other correspondence that relates to the BST. ALL information is a manner of public record, meaning if you conduct BST business or intend to conduct business here at TechPB, we reserve the right to disclose publicly ALL information gathered about you at any time, for any reason.

The purpose of this disclaimer is to deter fraud. If you conduct fraudulent transactions here at TechPB, all information about you and the transaction will be disclosed publicly, to prevent & deter future scams on our site.

Rule 14

When a rule is not in place to cover an issue which has arrisen on the BST the TechPB staff's call is to be taken as law. If a Moderator or Administrator has taken action it is NOT appropriate to then begin arguing with them about "That is not in the rules" or "I have freedom of speech". These forums are owned by a business which is owned by individuals, we control the content on this website to protect our users. If something is deemed inappropriate it will be removed upon the staff's discretion.

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