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[Closed] TechPB Chat Rules

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1. All forum rules apply to the chat room

2. No BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) conversation in the chat. We have a specific forum section for that reason. Use it.

3. Please refrain from spamming the chat. This includes unnecessary punctuation, word spam, posting links over and over, annoying meme fads, etc. What is classified as spam is left up to the moderators' discretion.

4. The colors red and green are reserved for staff members so that they are easily identified in the conversation. Regular members are not to use any shade of the colors red or green. Additionally, we ask that members do not use "obnoxious" or hard-to-read colors such as yellow, white, and bright teal (just to name a few). A good tip: if you have to ask if you can use color, then the answer is probably no.

5. During the radio show, please refrain from PM'ing staff members. Radio nights are busy and whatever question you have can be answered publicly or wait until after the show. Also, in order to keep order in the chat room during this busy time, the staff has to be more strict. Members may be given fewer warnings before a ban is issued.

6. The discussion of illegal acts is not allowed in the chat. This includes, but is not limited to: drugs, underage drinking, sex with minors, piracy etc. Any threats of DDoS attacks will warrant a 7-day ban from the chat and forum.

7. Do not encourage a member to do something that would put them in a dangerous and/or illegal situation.

8. Racist, homophobic, sexist, or derogatory slurs or sayings will not be tolerated. A member may be banned immediately for using any type of slur.

9. Bans are usually lifted on Mondays. If a member is noticed to be breaking the rules on a weekend just because they know the ban will only stick until Monday then that user will have their ban remain until the following Monday. Additionally, if a member is known to be a problem-chatter and receives numerous bans, they may earn themselves a long-term ban or even a forum ban until they are deemed to have learned their lesson.

10. The word of the staff is the law. Just because something is not specifically listed as against the rules doesn't mean it is allowed. Use your common sense and most of the time you will be OK.