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Newbie (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does paintball hurt? (Not as much as you'd expect. Hits to the throat, hands, fingers or top of the head can smart a little bit, but you won't feel much through the adrenaline, so get out and play!)
  • What if the paintballs are frozen? My friend freezes his paintballs. (No he doesn't. You can't freeze paintballs, that's a myth.)
  • How do I get started playing paintball? (Find a local field near you and just show up on a nice weekend. I've never been to a field that didn't have staff thst was ready to help new players. As a community we want to grow, you'd be surprised at the acts of kindness you may experience just showing up to play for that first time. Go break the ice!)
  • What is the difference between Speedball, Woodsball, Scenario and Hyperball? (Speedball matches are generally very fast paced, played most often on turf, but sometimes grass, Using inflatable "Sup-Air" bunkers. Woodsball is what it sounds like, Paintball played in the woods, Usually there will be no man made bunkers but sometimes field owners may incorporate cars, trucks, tires etc. Scenarios are more or less just reenactments or even completely new situations to play out, usually themed some of the most known scenarios are Living Legends and D-day. Hyperball is essentially Speedball except the bunkers are usually made out of different objects.)
  • What should I buy first? (MASK!!! Your mask will be the single most important investment of your paintball journey. It will protect your eyes, and a good mask is important for multiple reasons. If you can't see what you're shooting at, how can you hit it? If you can't breathe properly how can you run? Also fields rental masks are often low grade starter masks that have been worn thousands of times. As an experienced player, I can go to a field right now and get a full rental setup and play paintball with no problem, but I'd definitely want to use my own mask.)
  • Is paintball expensive? (In short, yes. But there are ways to play on a budget, And there are plenty of videos and guides for how to do that.)
  • What's a good starter paintball marker? (That question could take up a thread on its own, and there's not necessarily a right answer, alot depends on budget, preference and what you're looking for in a marker. Once you know those three things you can start researching what to buy for your first marker.)
  • Co2 or High Pressure Air tanks? (High pressure Air is much cleaner and efficient, and is more or less the standard for the paintball community. Co2 can shred orings and cause problems in higher end paintball markers.)

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